Intimate Mountain Wedding at White Fence Farm in Trade, TN

If any of you guys know me personally, you’ll know I’m a little OCD. Not really in the fact that I am a tidy person, but more in the fact that I keep track of my time in a journal sometimes down to the minute and eat my M&M’s coordinated by color (brown first, blue last). Also, when there’s rain in the forecast on a week that I have a wedding, I’m obsessively checking about five different weather apps to the point where my phone dies. I watched the weather for this wedding for two weeks! It was the first of my 2018 season and by George, it was NOT going to rain. Except the five weather apps said there was about a 90% chance of rain. For two weeks. I was so SURE that the weather predictions would change in the period of two weeks, but they didn’t budge at all. I think by the time wedding day was here it was down to 70%, but still – in the mountains in East Tennessee, that pretty much means it’s gonna rain.


Thankfully, it never rained during the ceremony or reception. We did get a light shower right before the ceremony but all was well the rest of this magical night.


I had the privilege of meeting Kelsey and Ian sometime last year through a website known for putting together clients and wedding vendors. We clicked on the phone right away and I knew deep down their wedding would be an amazing one. Not only was it decorated beautifully, but it was decorated with a style that definitely fit them as a couple! Kelsey and Ian said their vows surrounded by beautiful mountains, but also so many of their friends and family. They continued the celebration with traditional cultural dances and dances to music like Mumford and Sons and Caravan Palace (a couple of my own heart and Spotify, if I say so myself). They finished the night off with a beautiful display of fireworks and a hot drinks bar! 

I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for letting me capture such a special day. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness in your marriage!