Your In Person Ordering Session and What it Means | Kingsport, TN Wedding Photographer

I’m sure most of you have been to photographers were you get a run of the mill experience, get a USB or disc of images and a print release and they send you on your way. I have to be honest. For a while, I thought that’s how this whole “running a photography business” thing worked. However, the more I thought about it and the more clients that came through my door and right back out my door with just a disc full of images that would never be printed off, I started to really examine the world of photography and how it has worked for years and years.

Continuing on this year and into 2017 and further years, I have decided to incorporate the “old” way of doing things into my business model. My brides deserve to display their wedding portraits, not have them sit in a desk on a USB. After your wedding, your images will be ready to view in about 4-6 weeks. While my collections still offer the USB for your printing needs, each collection comes with a leather bound album and, depending on the collection, wall art and other products. At your ordering session, you will view your gallery, which is a hand selected slideshow of your wedding images. It can be lengthy, but I want you to have a first class experience and image reveal. There will be snacks and beverages and please, invite whoever you think will want to place an order! You will also be viewing a rough draft of your wedding album at this time. The rough draft is predesigned by me with your wedding day timeline in mind. This is your moment to add additional images and pages to your album, choose your cover color and switch any image you feel like doesn’t fit in your album. Friends and family are more than welcome to place orders for gift prints at this time. If you have family abroad or long distance, I can upload a watermarked gallery online for them to purchase from.

My couples typically invest anywhere from $3000 to $7000 in their wedding portraits. I understand that this is a huge investment for many and payment plans are available.