The Wedding Experience | Kingsport, TN Wedding Photographer

What is it like to work with Lakyn Hayes? We’ve compiled all the key information you need to know to get started!

Our Philosophy

After seeing so many stressed out brides during the course of my career and timelines that leave a lot to the imagination, we have realized that there are just some things that we will not do our brides the disservice of allowing. We have a list that every couple needs to ensure the most incredible wedding experience and it has become standard to not offer anything less than that!

Our Process

We want our couples to feel like themselves, to have time with their friends and family, to have the most gorgeous portraits of the two of them that showcase their joy and last but not least, our couples deserve to have a wedding day that is stress-free. The Wedding Experience blog post is designed to give them just that! For more detailed information, contact us! We're excited to hear from you!

Getting Started

Once you're officially official and your date has been secured, it's time to schedule an engagement session! It's the key to our process, and where I truly get to know my couples!

It's during the engagement session that we teach our couples how we work and become comfortable with one another! The trust that we build during that first session emerges once again on their wedding day and it's amazing. THIS is how we're able to capture so many beautiful portraits on a wedding day! Our couples know the poses, they trust me and I already know how to capture them in the most genuine form. There is nothing that makes me feel more successful as a photographer than when I capture an image that radiates a couple's pure and genuine joy!

The LHP Bride

When we become a part of your wedding experience, you're automatically adopted into the LHP Bride family!  And as awesome as the name is, the true beauty about this "LHP Bride" phenomenon is the fact that all of my brides are absolutely AMAZING women that I can see myself being friends with for a lifetime. They are not just clients, they are such incredible blessings in my life and I'm so thankful for each and every one of them.

There is something so intimate and special about not only being by a bride's side ALL day on her wedding day, but also CAPTURING the whole day as well. It's such an honor to play such a vital role in one of the greatest days of a woman's life!!  It's exciting to think about who our LHP Brides will be in the future! I'm giddy just thinking about it!!