10 Things Brides Forget | Kingsport, TN Wedding Photographer

As much as you prepare for your big day, as the fates would have it, things are forgotten. If you're like me, you have lists upon lists of stuff that you can't forget, and then when the time comes, you forget the lists. During my time as a wedding photographer, I have noticed the following things being forgotten, when they're probably one of the most important!

1. The Invitation Suite – The invitation suite is one of my favorite things to style with the rest of your details on your big day. You should remember to pack at least one full suite and any other stationery details that were mailed out during the engagement.

2. Getting Ready Playlist - What's better than a playlist curated by your bridal party? Nothing short of saying I do to your sweetie. Champagne, your favorite girls and some good tunes always make getting ready a little more fun.

3. Marriage License – Seems like common sense, but I've seen it forgotten plenty of times.

4. Phone Chargers – As much as we know you want an unplugged wedding, making sure your phone is charged so is vendors can get a hold of you (or your contact person) is important if something needs to be addressed

5. Eat Your Cake - You'll be having so much fun that it'll be hard to get in more than one bite of your wedding cake. Girl, you paid good money for that! Make sure to appoint a person (or let me know and I can hook you up) to cut a few slices for your and hubby to enjoy after the wedding or if you're crazy like me, for breakfast the next day.

6. Clean the Bling – Your engagement ring goes through a lot! Make sure to have it cleaned so it has that extra sparkle for your wedding day

7. Emergency Kit – Again, common sense, and I always have one on me, but it never hurts to have back ups. Make sure to include things like Bobby pins, safety pins and stain removers!

8. Feed Your Vendors – We work hard to make sure your day is perfect! We will eat quietly away from your guests and appreciate every bite insert angel emoji here

9. Online Reviews – We live for reviews! Make sure to write out a small review for each of your vendors on social media or the knot! Not sure where to review? Shoot me an email and I'll let you know

10. Unplug Your Wedding - There are so many reasons why you should opt for an unplugged wedding. Mostly, it ensures you have the best possible images of your ceremony (i.e. no huge phones/tablets in the way of your first kiss), and also it lets your guests really take that beautiful journey with you and your sweetheart from the first time he sees you, to the first kiss.